Revenue Cycle

Offering On-site education to empower revenue cycle and billing  teams with a broad spectrum of relevant laws,  valuable resources, denial management strategies and tips proven to create powerful appeals, combat denials, address invalid audit attempts and compel claims payment.    

Claims data

Navigating the maze of insurance complexities, we are skilled and equipped to conduct extensive audits on payer ERA's and EOB's going back 6 years, applying advanced appeal services on any claims processes not in alignment with applicable state and federal mandates.  


Payer COMPLIANCE requirements

Understanding that compliance is a two way street, we utilize ERISA and other relevant laws to hold insurance companies accountable to payer compliance requirements and help our clients overturn challenging denials and improve profitability.

claims recovery and denial management services

Denial Management Training and Consulting Services designed to support organizational success. 

Specialized Appeal Services are provided on a contingency basis.

advanced Denial and appeals management

helping healthcare providers


     protect revenue against Offsets

     Maximize insurance Reimbursement