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How much money has your company written off in the last year, or even the last month due to insurance denials, recoupments or refund requests?  MedRevenue Solutions understand that healthcare providers strive to supply quality care and to get paid for all services rendered.  Vast amounts of hidden revenue considered uncollectible is needlessly being written off each month as the result of creative insurance denials.  MedRevenue Solutions offer Revenue Recovery and Appeal Services proven to optimize insurance reimbursement; uncovering hidden revenue by overturning even the most challenging denials, preventing unnecessary write-offs. 

We specialize in Denial Management skills that surpass dispute resolution attempts frustrating insurance collectors and healthcare management.  Over the past 25 years our associates have worked directly with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and surgical practices overturning denials and recovering millions of dollars in otherwise lost revenue.  We tackle aged insurance account receivables while equipping provider staff with persuasive denial management strategies applicable to current receivables. 

We focus on holding insurers accountable for their full responsibility involving administration of healthcare benefits.  Our goal is to reduce insurance write-offs
and increase provider cash flow by maximizing the benefits insured’s and providers are entitled to for services rendered, without adversely effecting the provider’s budget.   

    What Are Some Of Your Biggest Insurance Reimbursement Challenges?     

Are You Being Paid and Paid Correctly by Insurance Companies
      for All Services Rendered?          

Insurance Reimbursement Has Never Been More Vital or Challenging!

MedRevenue Solutions, LLC located in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, is a unique Claims Recovery and Denials Management company providing specialized appeal services and denial management training for healthcare providers nationwide.  Our specialized services and training  offer a new perspective on holding insurers and auditors accountable to payor compliance requirements set by various governing bodies. 

                  We Help Providers Receive Entitled Insurance Payment
                                 For Services Rendered In Good Faith.

Working with healthcare providers nationwide, MedRevenue Solutions has recovered thousands of dollars considered uncollectible.  Our focus is on optimizing insurance reimbursement by overturning even the most challenging claim denials, treatment related denials and unreasonable payment demands. MedRevenue Solutions offers a compliant and practical way for healthcare providers to protect revenue and avert the detrimental impact of financial loss from disingenuous insurance carrier attempts.

  Invalid Claim Denials Result In Millions Of Dollars In Lost Revenue

MedRevenue Solutions offers specialized appeal services that are cost effective for providers who do not have sufficient staffing or proficiency available to adequately address challenging claim denials and refund demands  that negatively impact revenue.

Why settle for less revenue than you are entitled
                          for services rendered in good faith?

More than 75% of Claims are inappropriately denied, reduced or retracted as Payors continue to use unfair and inappropriate attempts to boost their profit margins. Karlene Dittrich, CBCS and her team at MedRevenue Solutions have been successful in preventing invalid audit requests and overturning thousands of dollars for inaccurate claim denials, underpayments, unwarranted refund requests and offsets, as well as missed billing opportunities (timely filing denials).

                           Utilize Your RIGHT TO PAYMENT!!!

Our well-trained and experienced professionals knowledgeable about governing federal and state laws, are dedicated to holding both governmental and commercial insurance carriers accountable to Payor compliance requirements. We utilize advanced skills in the area of denial management to assist our clients in determining whether their insurance denials, underpayments, audit requests, refund demands, extrapolation attempts and offsets are valid. We provide the highest quality of claims recovery and appeal assistance by employing a team supervised and trained by experts.  

Proper Coding Is Not Enough These Days
                          To Gain Control of Insurance Denials

Are You Aware That More Than 75% of Claim Related (Pre and Post Service Denials) Fail
Meet Payor Compliance Requirements Governed Under Federal and State Laws

Many Denied Claims Are Never Appealed Effectively For Reconsideration
~ Don't Be Robbed Of Earned Income ~

MedRevenue Solution's CEO and Founder, Karlene Dittrich utilizes appeal strategies received from 10 years of specialized training by Dr. Jin Zhou an ERISA expert from who provides the only Certification for PPACA and ERISA Claim Specialist programs.

        Post Service Appeals are provided on a contingency basis
no up-front fees or negative impact on your budget.
                            With nothing to lose and a lot to gain,
       Why relinquish earned revenue for services rendered in good faith?

              Our fees are based upon final overturned allowed amounts following appeal 
                 submittals. Whether contracted or out of network benefits apply, our 
                 specialized appeal services are an affordable means to recovering otherwise
                 lost revenue rightfully due for services rendered in good faith.

                                          Denial Management and Advanced Appeal Training

            Email or Contact Us For Scheduled Seminars or Onsite Training Requests

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Karlene Dittrich, CBCS, MedRevenue Solution’s CEO and Founder, offers affordable one day seminars and on-site specialized training classes that equip healthcare providers with specific denial management strategies and payor compliance requirements strengthening the appeal process to assist in optimizing and protecting the bottom line. By being equipped to utilize all claim and appeal rights that protect and maximize the bottom line, healthcare providers are able to offer greater access to covered healthcare services for more patients.

One Day Seminar and On-site Training Classes Include Denial Management Essentials and Advanced Appeal Strategies That Address:

           ~Medicare RAC Audit Protection Meeting CMS Requirements~

  ~Compliance Requirements That Hold Commercial Payors Accountable~

                           ~Denial Specific State and Federal Laws~

Invalid Commercial Audits, Medical Record and Refund Requests~

         ~Contract Provisions That Fail To Meet Regulatory Compliance~ 
~Provider Rights Associated With Appeal and Claim Processes~
                             ~Advanced Denial Management Strategies~
                                                     and More

Karlene Dittrich, CBCS
the founder of MedRevenue Solutions, LLC, is a healthcare consultant, public speaker, Revenue Recovery and Appeal Specialist. She is a certified billing and coding specialist (CBCS) with over 30 years of healthcare and billing management experience in Acute Care Hospital, Long Term Acute Care Hospital, Ambulatory Surgery Center, as well as various Medical and Surgical Practice Settings. As a nationally recognized Revenue Recovery and Appeal Specialist, Karlene shares her expertise of Payor Compliance Requirements, Appeal Techniques and Denial Management Strategies proven to overturn some of the most challenging insurance denials. Karlene has gained national recognition in her field by assisting a variety of healthcare providers nationwide in recovering millions of dollars otherwise lost to challenging Payor denials and invalid offsets. She is a popular speaker for major healthcare conferences, regional medical societies, state and national specialty associations, as well as providing one day seminars and on-site Medicare and Commercial Insurance denial management training sessions nationwide. Karlene has been interviewed and published by national Ambulatory Surgery Center publications. She is committed to sharing valuable information with all types of healthcare providers that can be used on a daily basis as a practical way to protect revenue and avert the detrimental impact of creative insurance claim denials and invalid audits.  


                          Consultant and Training Services Are Priced Based On Request
                                                             and May Include Travel Expenses

Get Paid For Healthcare Services Rendered In Good Faith  

              MedRevenue Solutions, LLC  Revenue Recovery and Specialized Appeal Services  
                         Assisting Healthcare Providers With Strengthening Their Bottom Line  

DISCLAIMER:  MedRevenue Solutions, LLC is not a law firm or attorneys at law.  We do not provide legal services or advice.  We are affiliated with experienced law firms in the event litigation is required to protect or recover lost revenue. 
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