services include:

How much MONEY is sitting in your closed claim files? 

Why Settle For Less Than The Revenue Your Organization Is Entitled For Services Rendered.

Protecting the bottom line has never been more vital or challenging.  Our specialized training and certifications give us the ability to perform extensive audits on Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Explanation of Benefit (EOB) documents to assess the integrity and any errors made in the claims handling procedures.  We apply a unique and compliant approach in our advanced multi-level appeal process proven to recover revenue otherwise lost to unfair or disingenuous insurance denial tactics.  Our expertise includes overturning some the most challenging denials that are written off and considered uncollectible, including but not limited to contract and out-of-network related denials as well as complex recoupments.


Our Advanced Appeal Services are provided on a contingency basis, making it an affordable means to recovering revenue rightfully due for services rendered in good faith.    Utilizing payer compliance requirements, we have been instrumental in overturning claim denials and recoupments going back at least 6 years.  Imagine the impact to your bottom line if your organization was able to recover even a portion of the revenue written off spanning back over the last six years.  We address denials associated with UCR payment reductions, timely filing, authorization, medical necessity,

experimental/investigational, recoupments and many other out-of-network or contract related denials.

Our training empowers revenue cycle and billing teams with specialized instruction, valuable resources and relevant laws such as ERISA to help strengthen the appeals process and compel claims payment.  Our training sessions are provided onsite offering informative and interactive denial management strategies and creative tips that equip attendees, and that can be implemented the very next day to help address a wide range of denials and circumvent unnecessary write-offs, improving the bottom line.

Advanced Claims Recovery and Appeal Services

Should the need arise, we work with a team of attorneys skilled in ERISA and other areas of applicable law to help address and follow up on any insurer violations found in our claim review and appeal process.  ​

Educating Revenue Cycle and Medical Billing Teams